The Future at Casa de Campo

With 3,500 acres of undeveloped land and a long-term vision to continue developing a thriving residential and commercial hub for a contemporary and worldly resident and visitor population, Casa de Campo continues to grow and expand.

Casa de Campo has set out to become a model for organized, civic, safe and harmonious development, and will continue to do so by looking to:

1). Increase property values and investment opportunities.

2). Care for residents and visitors.

3). Continue employing and positively impacting the local economy.

4). Build a thriving network of productive urban areas.

Short-Term Consolidation & Expansion Plans

Having successfully developed a model of gradual, organized and planned urban development, Costasur is working on:

1). Consolidating Casa de Campo’s current infrastructure, neighborhoods, services and real estate in order to improve the quality of life and the visitor’s experience.

2). Responding to the rising trends evidencing a keen interest amongst the Casa de Campo current and potential residents/visitors wishing to more actively engage with their surroundings and enjoy an active lifestyle in consonance with the landscape.