Community Standards

In addition to being an award-winning real estate project and resort, Casa de Campo is a community of year-round and part-time residents.  Adherence to its Community Standards should enhance the experience of living and visiting Casa de Campo for all.

Dear Owners, Visitors, and Residents,

We all have an active part to play to ensure that our community stays a safe and peaceful place. We would appreciate your careful attention to the recommendations and regulations listed below, for the benefit of all who enjoy visiting and living in Casa de Campo.


Resort Beach and Pools

The beach and public swimming pools at Casa de Campo must be used in keeping with the established regulations and operating hours.  Access to the beach and pools with pets, food, beverages, glass containers, and motorized vehicles is prohibited. Using loudspeakers, playing loud music, or holding activities and events without prior authorization that may lead to damages, nuisance, noise, or any other behavior that may disturb the peace in the surrounding areas is not allowed. Using stoves, ovens, BBQs and campfires is not permitted in the pools and on the beach. Each owner is responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests and minors, and uses these facilities at their own risk.

Noise Levels

Loud Music:

To protect our homeowners, residents, and visitors from noise pollution, the volume of music in the villas, pool areas, and vehicles must be kept at a low level, avoiding any activities that causes noise in excess of 60 decibels within a distance of 30 feet from its source.  We  must  show  extra  consideration

toward  our  neighbors  by  not  making unnecessary noise during quiet times, between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am and/or previously authorized time frames for events and celebrations.

Security agents are responsible for regulating noise levels (loud music) inside the resort. If the music is audible outside the boundaries of your property, our security personnel, as part of their duties, will ask you to lower the volume.

Construction Work:

Construction or home maintenance work that generates high levels of noise may only be carried out during the times designated for this purpose (from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday).


All celebrations of large-scale activities and events in villas, such as parties, weddings, birthday parties, etc. must receive prior authorization from Costasur’s Administration and be held in accordance with the corresponding rules, always ensuring that loud music and excessive noise is stopped at the established time.

Use of Public Streets

All motor vehicles inside the resort must be driven in strict compliance with the Dominican Republic’s current Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety laws. Most importantly, all drivers are requested to cooperate by yielding to cyclists, pedestrians and golf carts, as well as driving carefully, by keeping within the established speed limits (up to 30 km/h on inner streets and up to 60 km/h on main avenues) or as expressly indicated in the traffic signs.

Minors, as well as adults without a driver’s license, must not drive motor vehicles. This includes recreational vehicles such as golf carts, motorcycles, four-wheelers or buggies. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 must have a valid driver’s license. Recreational vehicles being driven inside the resort must never exceed their passenger capacity.

Private golf carts, as well as any other recreational vehicles without license plates must be clearly identified with the name and number of the property on signs displayed on the front and on each side of the vehicle.

All vehicles entering or driven within the resort must be in perfect working order as required by the Dominican Republic’s current Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety laws.

Vehicles with political campaigning slogans, posters or banners, sirens or flashing lights are not allowed to enter or be driven around the resort.

Towing vehicles are prohibited inside the resort. If you require any assistance, our security agents can help you.

Vehicles must not be parked on landscaped gardens, golf courses, sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, main roads, assigned parking lots, clearly marked areas and/or in any way that may affect normal traffic flow.

Broken down vehicles left on the roadside must be attended to or removed as soon as possible and the Security Department must be notified.

Vehicles that have been involved in accidents, abandoned or badly parked will be subject to removal by security personnel and the owner will be held responsible for any expenses incurred.

Vehicles under supervision at the Security Department must be removed immediately. They will be subject to the application of a daily charge until their owners claim them and after a set period of time, they will be processed to be handed to the corresponding state authorities.

Golf Courses

Golf courses, as well as golf cart paths, may only be used by golfers. Walking, cycling, and/or exercising on the golf courses is prohibited.

Third Party Security Regulation Compliance

Access by third parties, such as employees, contractors, suppliers, guests and tenants, and their presence in the resort, is the responsibility of the owner, who must make all efforts to ensure that they are aware of and comply with security regulations, including the established times for entering and leaving the resort.

It is prohibited to make an entry access registration under a given property with the deliberate intention of going to and/or staying at another property.

It is prohibited to make an entry access registration for personnel as visitors or guests with the deliberate intention of carrying out maintenance, construction or any other work.

Employees, contractors and suppliers must not move or travel outside their designated route or work area.

Access Control

In order to keep control of the entry and exit of people in and out of the resort, without exception, anyone wishing to enter Casa de Campo must be duly accredited and must use the access gate that has been assigned in advance by the Security Department. Entering the resort using alternate routes is prohibited.

In order to enter the resort, all owners, tenants, residents, employees and contractors must have an access pass issued by the Security Department, once the security procedures required for its authorization have been completed.

These passes may only be used by their holder; they are non-transferable and must not be lent to third parties. Passes will be retained by the security agent at the gates if they are found to be in the possession of anyone other than their owners.

The owner is responsible for notifying the Security Department of any loss of an access pass to ensure that it can be deactivated.

Homeowners must notify the Security Department of any termination of a relationship with a relative, associate, employee, contractor, tenant, etc., so that they can be removed from the existing records and allow their access passes to be cancelled.

We ask all owners and residents for their cooperation so that the entry and exit of their underage children, when they are not accompanied by their parents or relatives, is only carried out through the general access lane (not the automatic one) and by personnel duly provided with an access pass or an entry and exit authorization.

Entrance Gates to the Resort

North and West Main Entrances (K5 and K3) – Access for Owners, Guests, Tourists, Visitors and Tenants

Casa de Campo has two main entrance gates for owners, guests, visitors, tenants, residents and tourists. These gates have physical and electronic access controls to ensure security and convenience during their stay in Casa de Campo.

Owners, guests, tourists, visitors and tenants may enter through the gate of their choosing, as long as they have their access pass.

For added convenience, Costasur Casa de Campo has opened up a fast lane for the exclusive use of homeowners. The Security Department has the authority to withdraw the privilege of using the fast lane when the security of the resort is found to be affected by inappropriate use of the access facilities granted by this lane. In such case, the owner will have to use the regular access lane and follow the security procedures established for these lanes.

Automatic access passes will be retained by the security agents at the gates if they are found to be in the possession of anyone other than their owners, which could lead to the permanent withdrawal of the privilege of using the automatic lane.

Employees and Suppliers Service Entrance (K1 and K2) – Vehicular and pedestrian access for employees and suppliers

These entrances have been provided for all personnel authorized by the Accreditation Office to access the resort as suppliers, employees of any of the business units, as well as domestic employees, etc.

Contractors Entrance (K4)

This entrance is equipped for managing access of all personnel working on construction sites and to ensure the smooth passage of the materials required for construction and remodeling projects underway in the resort.

It is wide enough for heavy machinery and vehicles transporting construction materials to pass through.

Without exception, all passes assigned to contractors require them to use this point of entry, only during the operating days and times established by Costasur’s Planning and Design Department.

Owners: must use their access passes at the entrances and exits, so that the barriers can open automatically.

Using the automatic lane privilege for more than one vehicle to enter or exit at the same time by scanning the same pass is prohibited.

Using the automatic lane privilege for granting entry or exit to suppliers, contractors, employees
or construction workers without leaving any record of their access to the resort is prohibited.

Residents, Employees, Contractors and Others: Upon entry through the assigned gate and lane, they must show their access pass to the security officer for scanning and opening the barrier following the security procedures established for their access.

Guests and Suppliers: For added convenience and better service, owners have available to them digital registration channels for guests and suppliers through the Digital Access Control Portal

Any owner who does not have access to the web portal may request entry access registration for their visitors and suppliers using the traditional way via email (, as long as the request is made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

All guest access authorizations for stays lasting more than one (1) day, requires that upon entering the resort, the guest personally stop by the Owner’s Club offices located at the North and West main entrances.

For unscheduled visits or for guests accompanied by the owner in separate vehicles, the owner must personally register their invitees at the Access Offices located in the main gates or by using the Digital Access Control Portal.


Emergencies and Suspicious Activities

Medical or security emergencies, as well as any suspicious activity, can be reported by dialing 911 from a residential landline or by dialing 809 523 2911 from a cell phone.

Security at Home

Homeowners and residents are urged to keep the windows and doors of their homes and vehicles closed, especially when they are unoccupied, and avoid leaving cash and valuables in plain sight.

Homeowners are urged to clearly identify their property by displaying the house number in a visible and well-lit spot that will help security and emergency agents to respond quickly to any call that requires them to go to their property.

Lost and Found Items

Lost or abandoned belongings inside the resort (including pets and motor vehicles) should be reported and/or handed over to security personnel as soon as possible. Belongings will be held in the custody of the Security Department for a specified period of time until claimed by the owner.

Authorization for Removal of Items

For safety, anyone other than the owners, who needs to remove any item from the resort, must be duly authorized with a permit and the driver’s and vehicle’s information must be verified by the Security Department. This list is not exhaustive, but these items could include home appliances, furniture, vehicles, pets, boats, mechanical and/or electromechanical parts, tools, and materials, among others.

Owners and tenants are required to notify the Security Department in advance by requesting an exit permit for any items to be removed from the resort by a third party.

House moves must be notified forty-eight (48) hours in advance, and can only take place during business hours Monday through Friday.

House moves carried out by tenants must be done so with prior knowledge from the homeowner.

Firearms and Fireworks

Openly carrying or displaying dangerous instruments and weapons (i.e., firearms, air guns, paintball guns, stun guns, TASER guns, BB guns, pellet guns, etc.) is prohibited in areas of public use. Mechanical, electrical or chemical projectiles and/or explosive devices are also prohibited. The use of fireworks is prohibited.


Pets must be properly identified with a tag displaying the owner’s contact information (phone number and address).  Pet owners must: a) Collect and properly dispose of their pets’ waste in trash containers. b) Keep pets on a leash when they are not securely confined on the property. c) Never allow pets to run loose in common areas, such as golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and the beach and exercise trails. d) Make all efforts to ensure that their pets do not create any nuisance by barking and displaying aggressive behavior that could affect others. e) Ensure that their pets are up to date with all relevant de-worming and vaccination schedules. f) Avoid leaving pets on their own or chained up if the property is going to be empty.


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