Ongoing Projects

Costasur continues expanding and building on Casa de Campo’s Master Plan by working on projects designed to improve the quality of life and services offered to residents and visitors alike.

casa de campo Parkland project

Costasur is developing a Parkland Natural Reserve to attract and meet the demands of a contemporary community that enjoys an active lifestyle and options for outdoor recreation.  The accessible recreational open space will enhance the value of real estate developments that will be geared toward a more inclusive and ecologically aware future.

This 65-acre (26.3 hectare) space, dedicated to nature, sports and recreation, will be located within the long strip of land between the Los Altos apartment complex and the Dye Fore Lakes golf course. It will also border Vista Lago as well as the Los Flamboyanes neighborhoods.

park_Casa_de_Campo_5 (1)

The concept integrates the natural beauty of the area, taking special care to preserve endemic species of plants and wildlife, while also creating a space for the enjoyment of Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and guests.  In fact, Costasur is working closely with experts from the National Botanical Garden in Santo Domingo and the Sociedad Ornitologica de la Hispaniola to ensure important endemic plant and bird species, such as the giant cacti, are preserved.

Moreover, the Parkland Natural Reserve’s main feature will be its walking paths designed to encourage connectivity between the Altos de Chavón, Los Altos, Los Flamboyanes and Vista Lago neighborhoods.

Future phases will also allow for the development of sports and recreational facilities, children’s playgrounds, open meadows as well as a staging area for small outdoor events.

Casa_de_Campo_park (1)

Whether by foot or by bicycle, these reserves and their endemic species will certainly bring much enjoyment and awe.


Costasur is leading by example by providing access to clean water within Casa de Campo. Sourced and treated locally for distribution in all homes and facilities within the project, Costasur is aware of the increasing need to mitigate for the future as global and regional weather forecasts show that climate is changing hastily and droughts will continue to affect Casa de Campo in years to come.

Therefore, in order to ensure long-term water sustainability, Costasur has begun implementing a water management plan with the establishment of the best policies and practices aimed at reducing operational water consumption.  The use of irrigation systems will also help preserve golf courses and the common use of green areas.  A communications program will, furthermore, motivate community members and employees to adopt rational water consumption practices. 

Costasur is specifically working on making sure that clean treated water is exclusively reserved for personal consumption. In this regard, golf course and common garden watering systems are gradually being switched to a secondary water supply using recycled and minimally treated water.

Additionally, most garden watering can be more efficiently covered with automatic, regulated and drip irrigation systems, leading to a more efficient and sustainable use of the resource. Costasur is currently piloting this system in several residential areas to expand its use in the near future.

Ultimately, residents and property owners should be made aware of the urgency to make a more rational use of the water resources given that local, regional and global water scarcity is a reality. While residents pay a fairly low fee for access and use of water, the low rates paid should not encourage residents to make inefficient use of it. In the future, the community at large should proactively work together to make sure clean and sufficient water is available for all.

Vista Lago

Imagine lounging on a pool deck, a cool breeze all around.  The sounds of laughter and fun fill the air.  It is late afternoon and looking past the garden, perfectly manicured fairways and greens radiate with perfection.  A golfer in the distance is putting and the gorgeous reflections of the sky, clouds and trees in blue surfaces of Dye Fore’s numerous lakes are eye-catching. A flock of white and multi-colored birds suddenly take flight, catching the soft Caribbean winds beneath their wings. As they fly over, happiness ensues.  This is a dream home, built just the way it was envisioned, in the most perfect location.

Vista Lago

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.20.36 AM

Casa de Campo’s Vista Lago neighborhood is located on the Dye Fore golf course, just minutes from the main entrance, and consists of only 10 home sites in phase 1. If tranquil perfection is a dream, Vista Lago is the place to be.