About Us

About Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo is a real estate development project owned by Central Romana Corporation, LTD., and developed, administered and planned by Costasur. It is considered to be the most complete and exclusive tourism destination and residential project in the Caribbean.

About Costasur

As Casa de Campo’s Developer, Administrator & Master Planner, Costasur establishes the guidelines and oversees every aspect of residential and commercial dealings at Casa de Campo. A large property such as Casa de Campo requires a skilled and passionate group of people to guarantee daily operations run smoothly, and the future of Casa de Campo remains bright.

Project Map

Getting around Casa de Campo is quite the adventure, with its bustling neighborhoods, cultural village, hotel, marina, golf courses and sporting facilities.  Get to know our project and everything it has to offer. Navigate through the cart paths on the golf courses, pedestrian walkways and roads, and see why Casa de Campo is often referred as the most complete resort in the Caribbean.

The Future at Casa de Campo

With 3,500 acres of undeveloped land, and the long-term vision to continue developing a thriving residential and commercial hub for a contemporary and worldly resident and visitor population, Casa de Campo is a project far from being completed.

Ongoing Projects

Costasur continues expanding and building on Casa de Campo’s Master Plan and is currently working on several projects designed to improve the quality of life and services offered to residents and visitors alike.  Please click below to learn more about these projects.