Resident Services

Gate Access

With five access gates for selective use, operated by Costasur and staffed 24 hours a day, access is granted only to property owners, their guests, employees, resort and vacation guests, contractors and commercial customers.

Costasur grants all authorized and registered persons access to the resort after meeting the appropriate criteria and processes.


Costasur provides property owners, residents and the development project at large with access to first class utilities, including water, electricity, cable and Internet services.


Reliable and guaranteed service is what makes Costasur’s maintenance services a competitive provider. Whether it’s routine maintenance on pools or gardens, or electric or plumbing issues, Costasur provides immediate assistance to property owners and residents alike.


Costasur’s unparalleled knowledge of local land registry procedures makes it a convenient partner for providing legal advising and surveying services at below-market rates exclusively for property owners.  Costasur ensures that the administrative and legal process runs smoothly for those who own or are thinking about acquiring a property at Casa de Campo.