The Geo-Costasur department offers Casa de Campo’s current and potential property owners the legal assistance and surveying services necessary for the registry processes involved in purchasing a property.

The government of the Dominican Republic recognizes the right of any individual (national or foreigner) to own land or property. In this context, the country’s Land Registry procedures are well-established.

Costasur relies on the services of its Geo-Costasur department to help current and potential Casa de Campo owners navigate through legal requirements in the most efficient and correct way. Geo-Costasur provides trusted legal advising and surveying services at below-market rates as an exclusive benefit to Casa de Campo property owners.

The services that Geo-Costasur offers individuals seeking to purchase real estate in Casa de Campo are:

  • Prior to any real estate transaction, the interested party acquiring a property should please assess technical and legal checks related to the property.
  • Please validate the cadastral and land registry situation of the property by obtaining a Certification of the Registry Title associated with the location of the property in order to assess the judicial status and make sure the property is free from third party rights.
  • Please assess the tax situation of the property by obtaining a Certification from the Internal Revenue Service.  Please note the holder of the property title should be up-to-date with all tax obligations. 
  • Please perform a geo-referenced assessment of the property, so a surveyor or topography expert can validate the location and extent of the property. 

For additional information and inquiries about Geo-Costasur and the services offered, please contact: (809) 523-2775 Ext. 5775 or