Legal Procedures and Real Estate

The Department of Legal Procedures and Real Estate offers current and potential Casa de Campo owners the necessary legal and surveying assistance for the registration processes involved in the purchase of a property.

The Department of Legal and Real Estate Procedures assists current and potential owners of Casa de Campo, so that they can comply with legal requirements in the most efficient and correct way, providing reliable legal advice and study services, and at rates below the market as an exclusive benefit to Casa de Campo owners.

The services of the Department of Legal Procedures and Real Estate currently available to Casa de Campo owners are:

  • Consulting and guidance related to the status of the Casa de Campo property registry.
  • Georeferencing and topographic evaluations of properties within the development project.
  • Demarcation, recasting and subdivision of properties.
  • Obtaining the Certification of the Judicial Status of Properties through the government’s Property Registry.
  • Obtaining the Real Estate Property Certification through the country’s Internal Revenue Service.

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