Property Design Approval

Browse through Costasur Casa de Campo’s design department, resources and process below.

Whether it’s building a dream home on an exclusive lot or remodeling a current home, Costasur Casa de Campo will assist in the design process and ensure that plans and blueprints reflect the overall style of the project at large, while simultaneously encouraging that innovation and personalized feel comes through in a proposed design.

Costasur Casa de Campo’s clear and simple guidelines guarantee a home will fit harmoniously within the overall project development.  The proposed design will also be approved in an efficient and expedited way.

Browse through Costasur Casa de Campo’s design department, resources and process below.

Costasur’s Department of Design and Planning is in charge of reviewing, authorizing and supervising the natural and urban environment within the Costasur Casa de Campo project. The department is made up of professionals in the areas of engineering, surveying, architecture, urban planning, electricity and accounting. Together, they form a team that supports and consults all of the development projects within the complex.
Architects, designers, engineers and property owners should be aware of Costasur’s design considerations in order to submit a property design proposal in line with the overall environment and style of the development project.

Please contact the Department of Design and Planning to get access to the guidelines and criteria that are used in the evaluation of all construction projects that take place within Casa de Campo.

The design process for all development projects within Costasur Casa de Campo will pass through two general stages whereby the Planning Department maintains an active role. These stages are:

Stage 1 – Preliminary Proposal

Stage 2 – Executive Blueprint Proposal.

The evaluations of all design proposals within the Costasur Casa de Campo project will be led by Costasur’s Planning Department and its team of architects and urban planners. The objective of the process is to ensure that all new Costasur Casa de Campo development meets the design criteria, which should integrate itself within the general environment of the project, before being submitted to the Planning Board for approval.

Blueprint reviews for both stages of the process take place weekly, and appointments can be made by calling (809) 523-8144 or emailing

During the evaluation sessions, project leaders can present their blueprints and design concepts in person. If an in situ presentation is not possible, projects can be submitted electronically.

To access the Proposal Submission Criteria, please contact the Department of Design and Planning.

Evaluation meetings to approve new projects take place once a month by the Planning Board. The evaluation committee’s recommendations will be taken into account for each project and a final decision to approve or not approve the project will be made. The project leader will not be able to participate at these meetings and will be notified in writing about the Planning Board’s decision within two weeks after the evaluation meeting.

After the proposal has been approved, the project moves on to the following development phase, whether that be the development of construction blueprints or the start of construction.

If the proposal has not been approved, a review of the design will once again be requested for submission until it obtains the Planning Board’s approval.

The approval process finalizes with the construction blueprints being approved, and a written permit for construction commencement will be issued.