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New Motocross Track in Casa!

Hey there motocross fans and enthusiasts! We have great news for you, Casa de Campo will be having its very own Motocross track!

Casa de Campo Celebrates Dueños 2015

Dueños is the party of the year for villa owners. Casa de Campo is packed as everyone enjoys everything the resort has to offer. Dueños 2015 proved once again that the Casa de Campo community knows how to have fun!

CasaLife interviews Adolfo Despradel

This interview was previously published in our sister magazine, CasaLife Magazine. It’s an interview with the man whose hands hold Casa de Campo’s future.

Drought in Casa de Campo: Mitigate for the Future

At Casa de Campo we are extremely fortunate to have had an uninterrupted supply of water this Summer, considering the widespread drought that has been prevalent in the Caribbean.

Progress at the new Casa de Campo Entrance!

A few months ago we let our readers know that Costasur had opened this new and improved entrance for villa owners as a soft-launch to the formal opening which would take place once the final details were ready.

Marivi Bonilla wins Architectural Home Design Contest

Having recently opened a new neighborhood, Los Flamboyanes, Costasur Dominicana and Casa de Campo Real Estate together hosted an architectural contest to design a model home to be built in this area.

Great savings on cable & internet with new Tricom SmartBox

Although we live in a high-tech world, it can be so annoying to have a dozens of cables and gadgets all over the place to charge and operate our TV’s, Internet, cell phones, and many other devices that have become necessary in our homes.

Changes in the cable TV service in Casa de Campo

Over the past two years, the advancement of technology in the country has made it possible to introduce digital cable system. And due to the regulations made by the government and companies that provide this service, the standard format across the Dominican Republic is moving from analog to digital.

Soft opening planned for Casa de Campo second main gate

While the official inauguration is happening very soon, when driving up to Altos de Chavón via the main Altos de Chavón road, it seems that the Casa de Campo new second main gate is open…

Casa de Campo second main entrance – works goes full steam ahead!

We’re all very excited about the upcoming opening of the new Casa de Campo second main entrance… But with all the progress going on “behind closed doors” so to speak – it’s hard to know what exactly is going on

Casa de Campo makes plans for recreational park

Always thinking of new ways to make life in Casa de Campo better for its villa owners and residents, Costasur Dominicana and Casa de Campo are currently working on plans for a recreational park

Casa de Campo gives US$500 Christmas gift to villa owners

What!? Yes really! Casa de Campo is giving Casa de Campo villa owners US$500 as a Christmas gift!

Dancing Dueños! Shaking it at the dinner-dance-party!

Nothing says ‘Dueños’ better than dancing all night long after a day full of activities at the Dueños 2014 dinner-dance party!

Dueños… AIM and FIRE! Shooting Tournament 2014

The Shooting Center was oozing with excitement as the Dueños weekend encouraged many Casa de Campo residents to visit their facilities and witness the adrenaline rush you get from shooting.

Casa de Campo celebrates Dueños 2014

Among all the very many dinners, parties and events Casa de Campo villa owners enjoy throughout the year, Dueños is one of the favorites. And Dueños 2014 was certainly no disappointment.

Johnny Fanjul, new manager of La Romana Country Club

Casa de Campo has just announced the appointment of Johnny Fanjul as the vice-president and manager of the La Romana Country Club.

Casa de Campo wins more World Travel Awards

Congratulations to Casa de Campo! Our beloved 7,000-acre luxury resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic, is thrilled to announce their recent success at the 21st annual World Travel Awards.

Top 10 Casa de Campo celebrations

Casa de Campo has so much to offer, and one of those things is… celebrating! There’s nothing quite like a Casa de Campo party, so here we bring you are top 10 favorites (listed in no particular order).

Presenting… the new Casa de Campo entrance!

This my friends is the future of Casa de Campo – it’s the new Casa de Campo entrance! Scheduled to be completed in 2015, the new Casa de Campo entrance, otherwise being referred to as the “second main entrance”, will be located at the junction of the La Romana – Casa de Campo International Airport

Work underway on Casa de Campo’s “second main gate”

One year ago, we, Casa de Campo Living, brought you the exciting news that Costasur was planning to open a “second main gate” for the Casa de Campo resort… Now a year later you may be wondering what has happened to the project, well we bring you good news…

Dueños 2014 dates announced

The dates for one of our favorite annual events have been announced. The celebration hosted by Costasur and Casa de Campo for the Casa de Campo villa owners, “Dueños 2014”, will be held from the 14th to the 15th of November.

The EPIC Dueños party at Minitas Beach!

The Dueños event, hosted every year by Costasur and Casa de Campo for Casa de Campo villa owners is always a pretty awesome day, when we get to have a great time enjoying all the sporting activities Casa de Campo has to offer, ending with a fabulous dinner.

Teeth of the Dog & Links hosts Dueños 2013 golf tournament

This year the more than 150 Casa de Campo golfers teed off around Casa de Campo’s Pete Dye designed Links and Teeth of the Dog golf courses, both in fine conditions following their annual maintenance in the summer months.

Nice shot! Taking aim at the Dueños Shooting tournament

The Shooting Center is something of a mystery to many Casa de Campo guests and residents alike – if golf is your passion, or you fill your days at the beach with the kids – why venture up to the Shooting Center?

Dueños 2013 “Casathon” the flight of the fittest!

One of the very first events of the Dueños 2013 schedule was the Casathon, an activity which turned out to be quiet literally a “flight of the fittest”.

Miss República Dominicana Universo & Miss Peru-Italia spotted at Dueños 2013 “entrega de regalos”

Dueños 2013 got underway at the La Romana Country Club with the opening activity; the “entrega de regalos”, the handing out of the Dueños souvenirs, with international beauties Miss Universe and Miss Peru-Italia…

An EPIC Dueños celebration

Our hats off to Costasur and Casa de Campo for hosting the best Dueños celebration of recent years. The event began on Friday afternoon at the La Romana Country Club with the “Entrega de los regalos”

Dueños celebration at Minitas Beach

With Dueños 2013 scheduled to be celebrated in just a few weeks (Nov. 22 – 23), Casa de Campo & Costsur have just announced a wondeful celebration on Minitas Beach for the closing event