Community Standards

In addition to being an award-winning real estate project and resort, Casa de Campo is a community of year-round and part-time residents.  Adherence to its Community Standards should enhance the experience of living and visiting Casa de Campo for all.

Please abide by the following rules while in Casa de Campo:


Be Courteous

  • Property residents, visitors and staff should kindly adopt socially acceptable behavior at all times. Casa de Campo is a resort project for the enjoyment of everybody, residents, owners & guests alike.
  • Please be sure to wear proper attire at all times in accordance with acceptable practice for the particular facility.
  • Please do not engage in noisy, unruly or abusive conduct on Casa de Campo’s premises.
  • Please be aware that any illegal or illicit behavior that endangers the safety of another person is not permitted.
  • Please do not act in a manner or use language which is obscene, offensive or threatening to an owner, resident, visitor, security guard or employee of the community.
  • Please note disturbing noises caused by loud radios, stereos, golf carts, motorcycles or televisions are not permitted.
  • Parties and other get-togethers should kindly remain at an appropriate noise level. Programmed event gatherings require a special permit issued by Costasur.  Please inquire with Customer Service for additional details.
  • Please be aware that homeowners are responsible for their guests’ actions, and authorized contractors or service providers.
  • Please note only persons with a valid drivers license are allowed to drive golf carts within Casa de Campo.
  • Parents are kindly responsible for the conduct of their children at all times.
  • Please keep the visible property areas free from clutter and unsightly elements.

Waste Management

  • Please observe time and location of neighborhood waste collection and please dispose of waste in the assigned property collection area.
  • Please use trash receptacles on walkways, common areas and the beach.


  • Please keep pets on leashes at all times when walked or exercised in any portion of the common areas.  
  • Please do not leave pets unattended where barking will disturb neighbors.
  • Please keep dogs from barking excessively.

Bicycle and Skate Safety

  • Please use trails; please avoid roads and golf cart paths when possible.
  • When riding on roads without trails, please ride single file only.
  • Please stop and observe all road signage.

 Speed Limits

  • Please obey the 25 mph project-wide speed limit, unless posted otherwise.
  • Please be prepared to stop for pedestrians, golfers, bikers, skaters and wildlife.
  • When entering roundabouts, please yield to vehicles driving within the roundabouts.