About Costasur

Casa de Campo’s Developer, Administrator & Master Planner

Costasur establishes the guidelines and oversees every aspect of residential and commercial dealings at Casa de Campo.

Costasur has been the land development company for Casa de Campo for over 40 years. During this time, Costasur has masterminded a scalable community carved out of the lush southeastern Dominican coastline that appeals to homeowners and investors interested in both a tropical setting and sporting lifestyle.

Costasur looks after the daily operations of Casa de Campo, guaranteeing everything runs smoothly, and the future of Casa de Campo remains bright.

In addition to making sure the lights stay on, the water is potable and the grounds are immaculately manicured, Costasur also manages human resources, guest services and the future development of Casa de Campo. Costasur owns, maintains and ensures nearly 7,000 acres of common residential and recreation land, including undeveloped land and property, golf courses, commercial infrastructure, roads, trails, beaches and sporting facilities.

Specifically, its administrative duties include providing electricity, water, telephone, cable and Internet services, security, access and waste management.  Costasur also establishes policies and guidelines to provide a structure whereby community life can flourish.  Moreover, it manages all the development and maintenance projects for roads, urban planning, landscaping and other services necessary to ensure the project’s long-term and sustainable development.